Our Children First

  • We want to offer all children from the age of 12 months a place in preschool.
  • We aim to subsidize the difference between preschool fees and the cost of day care services for young children while building up preschool services for 12-18 months old children.
  • Our aspiration is that our preschools and elementary schools are among the best in the country, for both students and staff.


Care for the Elderly

  • All service for the elderly must be more flexible and diverse.
  • Renovations of the retirement homes of Akureyri must start as soon as possible.
  • Specialized counselling must be available for relatives and close friends of those dealing with dementia.


Enjoy Health and Wellbeing

  • Let’s start the experimental project of shortening the working week.
  • It is crucial to shorten the waiting time of children and young adults for services of specialists.
  • Let’s safeguard the continuing operations of SAA-National Center of Addiction Medicine in North-Iceland.
  • Let’s ensure diverse housing options for everyone.
  • Let’s strengthen our preventive measures and improve education on sexual harassment and gender-based violence.


A First-Rate Leisure Town

  • The sport and leisure subsidy should be raised to 50.000 ISK. Unused sport- and leisure subsidy should go into a fund for children and young adults that do not get to enjoy organized sport and leisure activity.
  • The next priority projects in the construction of sport facilities should be at the sports grounds of KA and Þór, the building of a competition swimming pool and the making of foot-, cycle- and horse riding paths.
  • It is important to strengthen the cooperation of schools, sport- and leisure clubs to shorten children’s workday.


Human Rights for Everyone

  • Let’s safeguard and promote gender equality.
  • Let’s increase communication and collaboration with residents whose first language is other than Icelandic.
  • Let’s enable queer people to thrive in Akureyri.


Many-Sided Tourism

  • We must continue the development of Akureyri Airport, pressuring for the completion of an apron and the equalization of fuel prize.
  • We should market Akureyri as a center of outdoor life and adventure tourism, with a special emphasis on Hrísey and Grímsey.
  • Let’s make Akureyri Marathon an annual event. All the major cities of the world attract tourists with marathons. Akureyri belongs in that company.


Flourishing Cultural Life

  • Let’s support children’s culture.
  • Let’s continue the support of Hof Cultural and Conference Center, the North Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Akureyri Theatre Company.
  • Let’s support a dynamic programme at the new Akureyri Art Museum.


Staying Ahead in Environmental Affairs

  • By becoming a plastic bag free society with the cooperation of companies and citizens.
  • By placing a special emphasis on sustainable development.
  • By creating more parking spaces with electrical outlets in the town center.
  • By combatting airborne particle pollution.
  • By continuing to evolve and improve the public bus route system.


Creative Economy

  • Our emphasis is on connecting education, innovation and economy.
  • We aim to establish an organization in cooperation with interested parties and the public in order to establish direct international flights.
  • We must safeguard Akureyri as a research center for Arctic affairs, climate change, geothermal heat and recyclable sources of energy.
  • It is important to continue the outsourcing of the management and reconstruction of Hlíðarfjall as a recreational paradise the whole year round.
  • We must diligently work toward procuring sufficient and safe transmission of electricity.


Town Center for the People

  • Let’s make our town center ecofriendly and fun.
  • Let’s build a transportation terminal.
  • Let’s develop the area of Akureyri Stadium for diverse operations.
  • Let’s provide a sufficient number of parking spaces, i.e. with a parking garage.


People with Disabilities

  • We must increase recourses for summer vacations, short time placement and after school programs for children with disabilities.
  • It is vital to provide apartments that suit the special service needs of people with disabilities.
  • We must create diverse job opportunities for people with disabilities and make sure they get appropriate support to adjust.


Outstanding Services

  • Our aim is to significantly raise the level of service at municipal institutions.
  • We aim to markedly improve electronic services for town residents.
  • Our goal is to provide one help desk for all the town residents.


Responsible Finances and Management

  • Let’s fight for just service contracts with the state.
  • Let’s use gender budgeting in order to achieve a just distribution of funds.
  • Let’s lower the debt to income ratio.
  • Let’s reinforce professional local democracy.
  • Let’s secure funding to neighbourhood boards and councils for projects and embellishments.
  • Let’s continue the project Fragile Communities with Hrísey and Grímsey.

The campaign headquarters of Samfylkingin/The Social Democratic Alliance:

Shopping Center Sunnuhlíð, 2nd floor

The campaign headquarters of Samfylkingin/The Social Democratic Alliance:

Shopping Center Sunnuhlíð, 2nd floor